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Course Objectives

Course Objectives

The objective of cross-platform frameworks is to allow you to write applications once and have it run on multiple platforms. Want to build an iPhone app that will also run on Android? Have a customer turn round and want their Android app to run on Windows Phone? No problem.

Upon completion of this PhoneGap course, you will be able to build fully-functioning mobile Web applications using the framework, manage source code and handle platform tweaks, create “native like” experiences from a web application — and much more!

Course Outline

Introducing PhoneGap

Understanding the Basics of a PhoneGap Application
Installing and configuring PhoneGap
Using PhoneGap Build
Using PhoneGap with Devices like Android, BlackBerry etc.

Events and Accelerometer

Understanding Events
Using the Events Listener
Understanding Event Types
Getting to Know the Accelerometer
Using the Acceleration Object
Using Accelerometer Methods

Compass and Geolocation

Getting to Know the Compass
Using Compass Methods
Using a Compass Option
Getting to Know Geolocation
The Position, PositionError, and Coordinates Objects
Using Geolocation Methods
Using Geolocation Options
Improving the Look and Feel


Learning about Media Files
The Media Object
Using Media Methods
Handling Errors
Improving the Look and Feel


Getting to Know the Camera
Using the Camera Object
Using the getPicture Method
Using Camera Options
Improving the Look and Feel


Learning about Storage Options
Using the Database Object
Using the localStorage Object


Learning about Filesystems
Learning about Directories and Files
Reading Files
Writing Files
Learning about Transferring Files


Learning about Creating Contacts
Finding a Contact
Understanding Some Quirks


Learning Capturing Video
Learning Capturing Audio
Learning Capturing Images

Creating a note-taking application

Designing the Application
Building the Application


Sum the simple Operation :
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