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Unite Name: iPhone- iPad Programming with Objective C Basics

Course Objectives

To be familiar with Objective-C.
To understand Model-View-Controller architecture.
To be familiar with Xcode, Instruments and Interface Builder.
To be familiar with Cocoa Touch Library.
To understand multi touch programming.
To be familiar with the various pieces if iOS.
Create sample iPhone and iPad apps that do animation and respond to various acceleration events.
Interface apps with the Google maps server.
Interfaces apps with a SQLlite Database.
Interface apps with the Game Center.
Interface apps with iAd server.
Create apps that support both Portrait and Landscape modes.
Create a User Control.
Be familiar with UITableView class.

Course Outline

Your First Programs and Variables
Hello World in C
Declaring and Initializing Variables
Simple Strings in C
Arithmetic Operations in C
Working With Conditionals
Simple If Statements
If…Else…If Statements
Switch Statements
The Ternary Operator
Coding Loops
While and Do While
For Loops
Break and Continue Statements
Creating Arrays
Looping Through Arrays
Character Arrays
Programmer Defined Functions
Basic Functions
Creating Function Arguments
Returning Values from a Function
Functions and Variable Scope
Pointers and Memory
Finding and Storing Memory Addresses
Pointer Dereferencing
Using Pointers with Functions
Memory Allocations
File IO
Opening and Reading Files
Writing to Files
NSArrays in Objective C
Creating Arrays
NSMutable Array
NSArray Methods
Numbers and Number Formats
The NSNumber Object
Formatting Numbers with NSNumberFormatter
Strings in Objective C
The NSString Class and NSMutableString
Simple String Manipulation with String Classes
Search and Replace with String Classes
NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary
Declaring an NSDictionary Object
Reading Data from an NSDictionary Object
Manipulating NSDictionary Objects with Methods
Creating Your Own Classes
Objects versus Classes
Declaring Class Properties and Tasks
The @property and @synthesize statements
Creating an Instance Object from Your Class
Creating Your Own Classes II
Class init Methods
Class Inheritance
Overriding Tasks
Class Level Methods
Creating a Simple iOS Application
Creating the User Interface
Setting Component Properties
Wiring Outlets and Actions
Rotation and Resizing
Enabling and Disabling Rotation
Configuring View Auto-resizing
Manually placing View Elements
Hiding the Keyboard
XCode Storyboarding
Adding Scenes to the Storyboard
Adding Segues
Triggering a Segue Programmatically
Performing Tasks Before a Segue
Table Views
Building a Static TableView
Building a Dynamic TableView
Implementing TableView Navigation
Creating a TableView with Custom Cell Design
Implementing Navigation
Tab View Applications
Setting up the Tab Bar
Adding additional View Controllers
Configuring Tab Bar Items
Creating a Page Based Application
The UIPageViewController Class
Setting up a Datasource
Orientation and Spine Location
The UIPageViewController Delegate Protocol
Working with Picker Components
DatePicker Component
Custom Picker Component
Saving Data to the Device
Basic File I/O
Saving Object State Using Archiving
Database Implementation with SQLite
The Core Data Stack
Multitouch, Taps and Gestures
The Responder Chain
Gestures, Taps and Touches
Touch Notification Methods
Location Based Services
Determining Location
Calculating Distances
The Location Manager Delegate
Working with Maps
Camera and Media
Taking and Retaining Pictures
Playing and Recording Audio
Playing and Recording Video


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