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11i Payroll Management Fundamentals: Setting Up Payroll

Course Objectives

This course explains what is meant by payroll setup, and differentiates between payroll setup and payroll processing. It demonstrates how to define a payment method, and define the required number of payrolls for your organization. We consider payroll calendar information, setting up payroll periods, and payroll offsets. We also explain how to maintain PAYE, NI, student loans and tax credits. This course is part of the overall eBusiness process-based curriculum initiative reflecting defined eBusiness Flows. It is a generic implementation class illustrated with U.K. examples and does not cover localized topics from other legislations.


  • Set up a payroll that will enable users to process NIC
  • Maintain student loans
  • Maintain tax credits
  • Define a payroll that incorporates payroll calendar information, the correct number of payroll periods, and, where appropriate

Course Outline

Payroll Setup Fundamentals


  • Paying Your Employees
  • Choosing QuickPay or Batch Processing
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payment Methods
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Currencies
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payrolls
  • The Criteria that Define a Payroll
  • Payroll Setup and Processing

Defining a Payroll for Your Organisation

  • Payroll Setup Overview
  • Defining Payment Methods
  • Consolidating Results for Several Payrolls
  • Defining a Payroll
  • Entering Further Information for a Payroll

Maintaining PAYE and NI

  • PAYE and NI
  • Essential Information: PAYE and NI
  • Sources of Essential Information
  • Entering PAYE and NI Details for an Employee
  • Entering NI Details for a Director

Maintaining Other Deductions

  • Maintaining Student Loans
  • Maintaining Tax Credits


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