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20467 Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Course Objectives

This five-day instructor-led course teaches students how to design and implement a BI infrastructure. The course discusses design, installation. the course discusses design, installation, and maintenance of a BI platform.

Plan the components of a BI solution.
Plan a BI infrastructure.
Design a data warehouse.
Design an ETL solution.
Plan analytical data models.
Plan a BI delivery solution.
Design a Reporting Services solution.
Design an Excel reporting solution.
Plan a SharePoint Server BI solution.
Monitor and optimize a BI solution.
Plan for BI operations

Course Outline

Module 1: Planning a BI Solution
Elements of a BI Solution
Planning a BI Project
The Microsoft BI Platform
Lab : Planning a BI Solution
Module 2: Planning a BI Infrastructure
Planning a Data Warehouse Infrastructure
Planning an ETL Infrastructure
Planning Analysis Services Infrastructure
Planning Reporting Services Infrastructure
Lab : Planning a BI Infrastructure
Module 3: Designing a Data Warehouse
Designing a Logical Schema
Designing a Physical Schema
Lab : Designing a Data Warehouse Logical Schema
Lab : Designing a Data Warehouse Physical Schema
Module 4: Designing an ETL Solution
Planning for Data Extraction
Planning for Data Transformation
Planning for Data Loading
Planning for SSIS Package Deployment
Lab : Designing an ETL Solution
Module 5: Designing Analytical Data Models
Options for Analytical Models
Data Model Design Considerations
Lab : Comparing Analytical Data Models
Lab : Designing Data Models
Module 6: Planning a BI Delivery Solution
Considerations for BI Delivery
Choosing a Delivery Approach
Lab : Planning a BI Delivery Solution
Module 7: Designing a Reporting Services Solution
Designing Reports
Considerations for Report Execution
Planning a Reporting Solution
Lab : Designing a Reporting Services Solution
Module 8: Designing an Excel-Based Reporting Solution
Using Excel for Data Reporting and Analysis
PowerPivot in Excel
Power View in Excel
Lab : Designing an Excel Reporting Solution
Module 9: Planning a SharePoint Server BI Solution
Introduction to SharePoint Server as a BI Platform
Planning Security for a SharePoint Server BI Solution
Planning Reporting Services Configuration
Planning PowerPivot Configuration
Planning for PerformancePoint Services
Lab : Planning a SharePoint Server BI Solution
Module 10: Monitoring and Optimizing a BI Solution
Overview of BI Monitoring
Monitoring and Optimizing the Data Warehouse
Monitoring and Optimizing Analysis Services
Monitoring and Optimizing Reporting Services
Lab : Monitoring and Optimizing a BI Solution
Module 11: Planning BI Operations
Overview of BI Operations
Automating ETL Tasks
Post ETL Tasks
Planning a Backup Strategy for a BI Solution
Lab : Planning BI Operations


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