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80434 Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Course Objectives

This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to set up all aspects the Fixed Assets granules available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. This course demonstrates how to set up Fixed Assets, how to perform a wide variety of Fixed Asset transactions, as well as how to handle reclassification, maintenance, and insurance where Fixed Assets are concerned.

Set up Fixed Assets
Perform a variety of Fixed Asset transactions
Reclassify Fixed Assets
Handle maintenance of their Fixed Assets
Handle insurance on their Fixed Asset

Course Outline

Module 1: Fixed Assets Setup
Fixed Assets Process Flow
Fixed Assets Setup
Fixed Assets Posting Groups
Depreciation Books
Fixed Asset Card
Fixed Asset Allocation Keys
Main Assets and Asset Components
Record Open Transactions
Make Duplicate Entries
Copy Fixed Assets and FA Ledger Entries
Lab : Create a Fixed Asset Card
Module 2: Fixed Asset Transactions
Journals for Fixed Assets
Purchase Fixed Assets
Calculate and Post Depreciation
Write-down and Appreciation of Fixed Assets
Fixed Asset Disposals
Correct an Entry
Document Fixed Asset Transactions
Fixed Asset Reports
Budget Fixed Asset Transactions
Cost Accounting Depreciation
Minor Assets
Lab : Purchase a Fixed Asset Using the Purchase Invoice
Lab : Increase the Cost of the Fixed Asset
Lab : Calculate Depreciation
Lab : Post Write-down
Lab : Dispose of a Fixed Asset with a Sales Invoice
Lab : Cancel and Recalculate Depreciation
Lab : Cancel Entries
Lab : Budget a Fixed Asset
Lab : Manage a Minor Asset
Module 3: Fixed Asset Reclassification
Asset Transfers
Combining Assets
Lab : Splitting a Fixed Asset
Lab : Disposing of a Part of an Asset
Module 4: Fixed Assets Maintenance
Setting Up Maintenance Information
Maintenance Registration and Costs
Maintenance Cost Reporting
Lab : Posting Allocation Transactions
Lab : Posting Maintenance Transactions
Module 5: Fixed Asset Insurance
Setting Up Insurance Information
Attaching Assets to Insurance Policies
Monitoring Insurance Coverage
Updating Insurance Information
Indexing Insurance


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