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Configuring and Monitoring the vGW Virtual Gateway (CMVGW)

Course Objectives

  • Identify the need for securing virtualized environments.
  • Describe the purpose of the Security Design vGW and Security VM.
  • Describe the vGW Web user interface (UI).
  • Explain the different installation types and perform an installation of the vGW software.
  • Describe and manipulate the vGW dashboard interface.
  • Describe and manipulate the Main module and understand basic alerts and events.
  • Describe the Network module and perform analysis of VM-to-VM traffic flow.
  • Explain vGW’s four-tier firewall policy model, policy groups, and rules precedence.
  • Explain smart groups and static groups and build multitier firewall policies that use them.
  • Explain the purpose of introspection and compliance.
  • Configure enforcer profiles and compliance rule sets.
  • Describe and manipulate the IDS module.
  • Create firewall policy that offloads traffic to the intrusion detection service (IDS) engine.
  • List and describe the AntiVirus module scan types.
  • Configure AntiVirus scanner configs and install the vGW endpoint application.
  • Create reports using the Reports module.
  • Describe high availability and fault tolerance as they pertain to vGW.
  • List and describe methods to increase scalability within vGW.
  • List some methods for troubleshooting various components that make up vGW.
  • Build log collections.
  • Perform a backup and restore of the vGW product.
  • List and describe interoperability with Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways and third-party tools such as syslog and NetFlow.
  • Describe the Cloud software development kit (SDK)

Course Outline

ScreenOS Concepts, Terminology, and Platforms

  • Security Device Requirements
  • ScreenOS Security Architecture
  • Juniper Networks Platforms

Initial Connectivity

  • System Components
  • Establishing Connectivity
  • Verifying Connectivity

Device Management

  • Management
  • Recovery

Layer 3 Operations

  • Need for Routing
  • Configuring Layer 3
  • Verifying Layer 3
  • Loopback Interface
  • Interface-Based NAT

Basic Policy Configuration

  • Functionality
  • Policy Configuration
  • Common Problems
  • Global Policy
  • Verifying Policies

Policy Options

  • Overview
  • Logging
  • Counting
  • Scheduling
  • User Authentication

Address Translation

  • Scenarios
  • NAT-src
  • NAT-dst
  • VIP Addresses
  • MIP Addresses

VPN Concepts

  • Concepts and Terminology
  • IP Security

Policy-Based VPNs

  • Configuration
  • Verifying Operations

Route-Based VPNs

  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Configuring VPNs
  • Verifying Operations


  • IPv6 Concepts
  • Configuration
  • Verifying IPv6 Operations


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