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Red Hat® Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125)

Course Objectives

Red Hat Ceph Storage architecture
Deploying Red Hat Ceph Storage including the Ceph Storage Cluster, the Ceph Object Gateway, and the Ceph Block Device
Day-to-day operations of a Ceph Storage cluster
Common troubleshooting and tuning techniques that storage administrators can use
Integration of the Ceph Storage Cluster with Glance and Cinder in Red Hat Enterprise Linux®OpenStack Platform
Configuring Red Hat Ceph Storage as a replacement for Swift and integrating it with Keystone

Who Needs to Attend

Storage administrators, cloud operators, and cloud developers who want to learn how to deploy and manage Red Hat Ceph Storage within or outside the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform environment.

Course Outline

1. Introduce the course, Ceph Storage, and related Ceph systems.

2. Provide an overview of the requirements to create and access object storage data in Ceph Object Store.

3. Understand CRUSH data placement algorithm and how it is used to determine data placement.

4. Describe the method to create and access block storage data with the Ceph Block device (RBD).

5. Describe the method to create and access file storage data with the Ceph distributed file system.

6. Create a Ceph object cluster.

7. Configure a Ceph file in Global, MON, MDS, and OSD server sections.

8. Work with Ceph object clusters, Ceph Block Devices, Ceph Object Gateway daemons, and Ceph Filesystem.

9. Understand Ceph pool concepts and configuration.

10. Configure and manage CRUSH map.

11. Explain and create MON servers.

12. Explain and create Ceph OSD servers and OSD Maps.

13. Overview, configure, and map MDS servers.

14. Overview alternative deployment methods.

15. Overview and troubleshoot daily maintenance with Ceph.

16. Tune the Linux server.

17. Overview and optimize Ceph daemons.

18. Discuss architectural considerations for Ceph Performance Optimization.

19. Tune and troubleshoot Ceph Client.

20. Introduce and explain integration of Ceph and OpenStack.

21. Integrate object storage for image with Glance.

22. Integrate block storage for VMs with Cinder.

23. Overview process to replace Swift with Ceph and Ceph Object Gateway daemons.


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