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ITShare is an Egyptian Training Company (ISO 9001); founded in 2008 to provide IT, Executive Coaching and Soft Skills Training of exceptional quality through.

ITShare provides state of the art technologies and turnkey solutions to its clients that fully support their business needs from planning right through full operation, our methodology is to work hand in hand with our clients in all sectors and support their business needs from inception to completion.
Mission Statement

To provide Executive coaching and Soft Skills Training of exceptional quality through facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. This results not only in increased productivity but also in enhanced personal effectiveness
Vision Statement

To make ITShare Training Solutions a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization comprising of exceptionally skilled, motivated and committed professionals who facilitate seamless transformation of our participants to excellent performers.

ITShare is able to achieve its mission and vision because of the Methodology and its Trainers.

Our site is very informative and contains significant amount of information about our organization and the programs that we run. We hope that you will reach out with us your soft skills training and leadership development needs and allow the efficacy of the program to speak of our work
Why would you choose ITSHARE to conduct your trainings?

− Our client list is a testament to the work that we do

− All our trainers have extensive business as well as training experience. This equips them to convert concepts into relevant and applicable learning in the workplace

− Our training is 85% experiential based on the Adult Learning Principles

− Because of our extensive exposure we are aware of the most recent developments in the industry which is applied in our training programs

− Every program is customized based on the following:

− The profile of the participants

− The objective of the program

− The products/services of the organization
Our Methodology

Adult learning principles states that adults learn best through experiencing the concepts. Hence we use role-plays, movie and audio clips, games and activities to create an atmosphere of interactive learning. Our outbound training program is widely known for its high impact.

Our Training Methods:

− Role Plays

− Group Discussions

− Videos

− Audio / Music Based Activities

− Group Games

− Power Point Aided Facilitation

− Questionnaires

The efficacy of the experiential trainers methodology adopted by ITShare is seen in the list of ITShare Customers. ITShare Free Presentations provides a sample of our work and can be downloaded without cost or permission. We are experts in the space of Executive, Leadership Development and Soft Skills Training
Our Impact

What makes our training program impactful is the dedication of our facilitators to the growth of the participants and to the customization of our training programs to fit the exact needs of your organization at every participant level – be it entry level, mid level or the executive level.


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