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Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1

Course Objectives

This introduction course covers some of the basic and more commonly used features of Adobe InDesign CS6 so that attendees can navigate the software and use InDesign’s tools to create well-designed professional documents.
In this course you will learn how to use paragraph and character styles that allow you to format pages of text uniformly, layout features that help you to build alternate size configurations of your document, and various panels that enable you to easily customise both text and graphics

Delegates do not need any experience of InDesign or desktop publishing as anything that is required will be covered by the course. However, all delegates should have basic computer skills and know how to launch applications, browse to locate files and have good keyboard and mouse skills.

Delegates will learn how to

Navigate their way around the InDesign environment
Work with text frames and formatting
Use styles to achieve consistency in documents
Control images and page layout
Work with layers and object controls
Use colour to enhance the appearance of documents
Output documents from InDesign

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

The InDesign CS6 interface
Zooming and navigating
Working with guides
Creating frames
Changing InDesign’s Preferences

Module 2 – Working with Text Frames

Entering and importing text
Linking text frames
Character and paragraph formatting
InDesign typography controls
Creating simple tables
Proofing and inserting special characters

Module 3 – Working with Character and Paragraph Styles

Creating new styles
Applying styles
Removing styles and overrides
Editing and deleting styles

Module 4 – Working with graphics

Importing pictures
Repositioning and scaling graphics and frames
Text wrapping options

Module 5 – Working with multiple frames

Grouping, aligning and distributing objects
Stacking objects
Converting and transforming shapes
The Layers panel
Using objects in layers

Module 6 – Working with colour

The Colour panel
Working with colour swatches
Creating tints and gradients
Applying colours

Module 7 – Preparing a document for output

Using Preflight
Printing an InDesign document
Exporting files for printing
Packaging a document


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