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Red Hat® Ceph Storage for OpenStack Technologies (CEPH130)

Course Objectives

Overview of the Red Hat Ceph Storage architecture and its deployment
Integrate with Glance and Cinder in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform
Configure Red Hat Ceph Storage as a replacement for Swift (integration with Keystone)
Ceph Storage Cluster (based on RADOS)
Ceph Object Gateway (based on RADOSGW)
Ceph Block Device (based on RADOS Block Device [RBD])

Course Outline

1. Introduction to storage systems, overview of Ceph, explanation of Ceph design, architecture, and components.
2. Overview of architectural requirements, role of core RADOS components, and Ceph Gateway (RADOSGW).
3. Understand Ceph Storage Cluster (RADOS) and Ceph Snapshots.
4. Learn how to clone and cache with Ceph Block devices.
5. Understand and configure RADOSGW instances.
6. Identify OpenStack components and versions.
7. Understand, locate, and integrate Glance image storage with Ceph RBD.
8. Understand, locate, and integrate Cinder with Ceph RBD.
9. Learn about Keystone and Swift and integrate with RADOSGW.


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