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Crystal Reports V11 Introduction

Course Objectives

This is the first course in the Crystal Reports XI series. In this course, you will build basic list and group reports that work with almost any database.

Target Audience:

Crystal Reports XI: Level 1 is the primary recommended course you should take if your job responsibilities require you to obtain output from databases.

Please note: Crystal Reports has had multiple software versions released over the years. Please check that the version you are using matches to the course you will be attending: v10 and v11 were both released in 2003, thereafter versions 2008, 2011 and 2013 were released in the same year as their name.


Use a mouse
Type and use a keyboard
Navigate through Windows, organise folders and files
Work with Windows – Minimise, Maximise, Open, Close
A basic understanding of database principles, including: Relationships between tables; Joins and Primary Keys; Experience of using data manipulation software, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel
Prior knowledge of SQL is desirable, but not essential

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

Create a report by using data from an existing database
Use a report to present specific data in the desired order
Create groups to summarise report data
Build formulas to calculate and display data
Format reports
Add and modify elements in a report
Create single data series charts
Distribute report data

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Creating a Report

Topic 1A: Set Default Report Settings
Topic 1B: Specify Fields for a New Report
Topic 1C: Preview a Report
Topic 1D: Modify Field Display
Topic 1E: Add a Report Title
Topic 1F: Position Fields
Topic 1G: Add Fields from Other Tables

Lesson 2: Displaying Specific Report Data

Topic 2A: Find Data
Topic 2B: Sort Data
Topic 2C: Filter Data by a Single Criterion

Lesson 3: Grouping Report Data

Topic 3A: Insert a Group
Topic 3B: Add Summaries
Topic 3C: Format Summary Information
Topic 3D: Change Group Options
Topic 3E: Add a Second-Level Grouping
Topic 3F: Filter Records by Group
Topic 3G: Create a Top N Sort Group

Lesson 4: Building Formulas

Topic 4A: Create a Formula
Topic 4B: Edit a Formula
Topic 4C: Combine Fields by Formula
Topic 4D: Delete a Formula
Topic 4E: Filter Data by Multiple Criteria
Topic 4F: Modify a Filter Using an OR Operator
Topic 4G: Create a Parameter Field
Topic 4H: Account for Null Fields in a Formula

Lesson 5: Formatting Reports

Topic 5A: Remove White Space
Topic 5B: Insert Page Header/Footer Data
Topic 5C: Add Borders, Boxes, and Lines
Topic 5D: Change Field Background Color
Topic 5E: Change the Margins

Lesson 6: Enhancing Reports

Topic 6A: Add a Watermark
Topic 6B: Insert Objects Using Object Linking and Embedding
Topic 6C: Modify Formatting Based on Data Value
Topic 6D: Suppress Report Sections
Topic 6E: Insert Hyperlinks
Topic 6F: Hide Blank Report Sections

Lesson 7: Creating Pie Charts

Topic 7A: Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-Down
Topic 7B: Modify Chart Text
Topic 7C: Format a Chart
Topic 7D: Present a Chart by Group

Lesson 8: Distributing Data

Topic 8A: Export to a PDF File
Topic 8B: Export to a Microsoft Excel File
Topic 8C: Export to an Access Database File
Topic 8D: Export a Report Definition
Topic 8E: Create Mailing Labels


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