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Google Apps for Businesses

Course Objectives

describe the basic features of Google Apps.
communicate using Gmail.
communicate using Gmail Chat and Google Talk.
use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules.
create and share documents and presentations using Google Docs.
work with Google Spreadsheets and Forms.
communicate and collaborate with others using Google Groups.
create and customize a site using Google Sites.
upload and share videos in Google Video.

Course Outline

Getting Started with Google Apps
Introduction to Google Apps
Log in to the Google Apps Domain
Configure the Administrative Settings
Communicating Using Gmail
Introduction to Gmail
Compose an Email
Manage Email Messages
Manage Contacts
Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talk
Communicate Using Gmail Chat
Communicate Using Google Talk
Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar
Explore Google Calendar
Schedule an Event
Share a Calendar
Search Calendars
Create Task Lists
Working with Google Documents and Presentations
Introduction to Google Docs
Create Word Documents
Share Documents with Other Users
Create Presentations
Share Presentations with Other Users
Create Drawings
Working with Google Spreadsheets and Forms
Create Spreadsheets
Set Permissions and Notifications in Spreadsheets
Create Forms
Collaborating Using Google Groups
Create Google Groups
Initiate Discussions in Google Groups
Subscribe to and Manage a Group
Customize a Group
Collaborating Using Google Sites
Explore Google Sites
Create a Site
Edit a Site
Manage a Site
Working with Google Video
Upload Videos
Share Videos


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