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Citrix XenDesktop 7 Helpdesk (CXD104)

Course Objectives

This Citrix XenDesktop 7 instructor-led course provides Helpdesk representatives with the skills required to effectively troubleshoot and resolve user issues faster, prevent issues from reoccurring and use the proper consoles during troubleshooting to quickly determine the root cause of user issues. Students will leave class with the ability to troubleshoot user issues, including interpreting user needs, asking the proper questions to resolve common issues and applying documentation practices when troubleshooting to ensure a smooth transition when escalation is necessary.

Course Objectives

  • Complete helpdesk tickets thoroughly with the appropriate documentation
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues within their scope in a timely manner
  • Escalate issues that are out of scope to the appropriate team/individual
  • Ensure issues are fully resolved and steps are taken to prevent them from reoccurring
  • Think strategically and use the proper consoles during troubleshooting to quickly determine the root cause of a problem.

Course Outline

  1. Module 1:The Hlepdesk and Citrix Solutions
    1. Understanding Citrix Solutions
    2. Overview of the Helpdesk
    3. XenDesktop 7 Architecture
    4. Reinforcement Exercise
  2. Module 2:Citrix Receiver and the End-User Experience
    1. StoreFront
    2. Installing and configuring Receiver
    3. Navigating Receiver
    4. Troubleshooting Tools
    5. Reinforcement Exercise
  3. Module 3: CitrixStudio
    1. Signing into Studio
    2. XenDesktop Concepts
    3. Reinforcement Exercise
  4. Module 4:Printing with XenDesktop 7
    1. Printing Concepts
    2. Printer Types
    3. Default Printing Behavior
    4. Printing Policies
    5. Provisioning Printers
    6. End User Self-Provisioning
    7. Printer Drivers
    8. Citrix Print Detective Tool
    9. Troubleshooting Printing Issues
    10. Reinforcement Exercise
  5. Module 5:Resolving Issues with Citrix Director
    1. Citrix Director
    2. Accessing Director
    3. Viewing User Details
    4. Interacting with the End User
    5. Resolving End-User Issues
    6. Administrator Features of Director
    7. Reinforcement Exercise


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