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Introduction to Google Analytics

Course Objectives

Fundamentals of web metrics and web analytics
Understand what web analytics can do for your business
How Google Analytics works
Key features and capabilities of Google Analytics
How to set up accounts, web properties, and profiles in Google Analytics
How to activate Google Analytics tracking
How to navigate the reporting interface
How to use and customize the dashboard
How to export data from reports
Various methods to slice and dice your data
Analyzing and interpreting default reports
Best Practices for Setting Filters in Google Analytics
How to Apply Filters in Google Analytics
How to Incorporate Goals in Google Analytics
How to Interpret Reports for Analyzing Goals
How to Create Funnels in Google Analytics
How to Interpret the Funnel Virtualization Report
Integrate Google AdWords with Google Analytics

Course Outline

esson 1: Overview and Background of Web Analytics
Topic 1A: Introduction to Web Analytics
Topic 1B: Why Learn Web Analytics: Analytics vs. Reporting
Topic 1C: Fundamentals of Web Analytics
Lesson 2: Introduction to Google Analytics
Topic 2A: Basics of Google Analytics
Topic 2B: Getting Started with Google Analytics
Topic 2C: Google Analytics Code Snippets
Topic 2D: Access Management
Lesson 3: Reports in Google Analytics
Topic 3A: Introduction to Reports in Google Analytics
Topic 3B: Understanding the Report Layout
Topic 3C: Exporting Your Data from Google Analytics
Topic 3D: Digging Into Reports
Topic 3E: Audience Reports Demystified
Topic 3F: Traffic Sources Report Demystified
Topic 3G: Reports
Lesson 4: Understanding Filters in Google Analytics
Topic 4A: Introduction to Filters
Topic 4B: Overview of Different Types of Filters
Lesson 5: Goals in Google Analytics
Topic 5A: Introduction to Goals
Topic 5B: Configuring Goals
Topic 5C: Analyzing Goals Using Standard Reports
Lesson 6: Funnels in Google Analytics
Topic 6A: Introduction to Funnels
Topic 6B: Building a funnel in Google Analytics
Topic 6C: Funnel Visualization Report
Lesson 7: Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics
Topic 7A: Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics


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