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Photoshop Training for Web Graphics

Course Objectives

Create and optimise images for the web.
Work effectively and flexibly with Photoshop tools to create stylish web graphics
Use filters and layer effects both as tools and effects
Export from Photoshop using the most appropriate file formats for the web.
Develop Photoshop skills further using the in depth knowledge gained during this course



· Basic Photoshop concepts

· Ways of acquiring images

· Overview of Photoshop tools

· Background and foreground colours

· How text works in Photoshop

· Photoshop and web graphics creation

· Colour and web graphics

Creating Website Graphics

· Logos

· Header images

· Navigation Bars

· Backgrounds

· Gradient Boxes

· Buttons

· Banner and other adverts

Selection & Masks

· Use of layer masks in montage

· Rectangular and elliptical marquees

· Using the lasso tool

· How the magic wand works

· Subtracting and adding

· Essential keyboard image navigation

· Transforming and editing

Tools and Layers

· Brushes and brush types

· How text works in Photoshop

· The advantages of using layering

· Transforming and distorting

· Layer blending modes

· Using layer comps for site mock-ups

Image Preparation & Retouching

· Layer masks adjustment layers

· Colour correction techniques

· Using levels. Levels explained

· Colorizing grayscale images

Combining Images

· Creating montages

· The gradient tool and selection

· Working with multiple layers

· Overlaying images

· Ways of combining images

· Creating layer masks

Working with Paths

· Creating and saving paths

· Converting selection to paths

Filters as Tools

· Tips on using filters

· Blurring and sharpening

Images for the Web

· Slicing an image

· Animation

· Saving animation for the web

· Mocking up a website in Photoshop

· Photoshop and Dreamweaver

· Transferring designs to Dreamweaver

Exporting Files

· Setting transparency for web images

· Optimising images for the web

· Resolution considerations for the web

· Examination of file types

· Advantages of various formats

· Converting the image type


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