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Introduction to Google AdWords

Course Objectives

Create and navigate a Google AdWords account.
Create and manage ad campaigns.
Work with keywords.
Write ads for Google AdWords.
Manage bidding and budgets.
Launch and manage ads.
Create financial and performance reports.
Create ad campaigns for the Google display network.
Configure location, language, and schedule for campaigns.
Optimize contextual and placement targeting.
Plan and create an ad campaign for YouTube.
Optimize landing page quality.
Analyze and optimize Display Network campaigns.

Course Outline

Creating and Navigating a Google AdWords Account
Topic A: Create and Navigate the Google AdWords Account
Topic B: Configure Account Notifications
Creating Ad Campaigns
Topic A: Overview of AdWords Campaigns
Topic B: Create Campaigns and Configure Campaign Settings
Topic C: Configure Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords
Researching, Refining, and Editing Keywords
Topic A: Overview of Keywords in AdWords
Topic B: Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Tool
Topic C: Research Keywords Online
Topic D: Edit and Configure Ad Groups and Keywords
Writing Ads in Google AdWords
Topic A: Review Google Ad and Content Policies
Topic B: Write High-Quality AdWords Ads
Analyzing Campaign Performance
Topic A: Review Your Campaign and Adjust Settings
Topic B: Analyze and Optimize Ads and Keywords
Managing Bidding and Budgets
Topic A: Set and Manage Bids
Topic B: Set and Manage Budgets
Creating Performance and Financial Reports
Topic A: Create Performance Reports
Topic B: Create Billing Reports
Creating Ad Campaigns for the Google Display Network
Topic A: Plan and Create a Campaign
Topic B: Create a Display Network Ad with Ad Builder
Configuring Location, Language, and Schedule
Topic A: Configure Location Targeting
Topic B: Configure Ad Schedules
Optimizing Contextual and Placement Targeting
Topic A: Plan Campaign Placements with the Google Ad Planner
Topic B: Plan Contextual Targeting for Keywords
Topic C: Configure Placements for Better Ad Targeting
Planning and Creating an Ad Campaign for YouTube
Topic A: Review YouTube Advertising Options
Topic B: Analyze Keywords and Placements for YouTube
Topic C: Create YouTube Ads
Optimizing Landing Page Quality
Topic A: Optimize Landing Pages for Quality Score
Topic B: Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions
Analyzing and Optimizing Display Network Campaigns
Topic A: Analyze Campaign Dimensions
Topic B: Optimize Campaigns


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